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SmARTy Pants Rockford

Art Studio & Parties!

Saturday Morning Art Club!




Real art classes for kids age 6-14 that teach not only technique, but critical thinking, focus, fine motor skils, creative expression and art history in a fun environment!


Kids ages 6-14 will have a blast as they use all different mediums to create original works of art. This isnt just a run of the mill, crafts based class. Kids will have an opportunity to come up with their own original ideas within the class structure. We have two teachers for each full class, so attention is given to the youngest student who may be struggling, as well as the older student who just needs some technique tips to see their artisitic vision come into fruition.


Classes are ongoing. Often we have a theme for the month or incorporate real time events in our lesson plans. Examples of these could be: famous artist's birthdays, holidays,  or specific times of the year. What seperates our classes from the rest is that we prioritize full experience learning, which may include customs around the world, examples of other fine artists, music and even food.


All classes are held at 317 Art Collective at 317 Market St., downtown Rockford.

Class time is from 10 am - 12 pm. Class size is limited to 12 students. 773-960-3195

Pricing and payment options.

We currently offer 2 different options for class payment. Please choose whichever suits you best!


Option 1 - Six Class Card.  Not sure you'll be able to make it every week? Then this is the option for you. A 6 class punch card that can be used any time for regular Art Club classes. There is no expiration date, all you need to do is call or email us at least 1 day before the class and let us know you're coming. The price for the 6 class card is $120. Big savings with this option!


Option 2 - Never taken a class with us before and want to make sure your child enjoys it before you commit? Then you will want to use the single trial class option. The price for the single class is $25. Please enroll at least 1 business day in advance of class.




Art Club is held each Saturday from 10-12.

Please check our Facebook page for weekly projects!

Registration in advance is now required. Please email, text or message us to enroll. Class size is limited to 16.

Book your private party today! Great for birthdays or just a fun night out! Kids and adults!


Questions, comments, concerns? Please call us at 773-960-3195

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